Online Marketing

From a to Z

As an all-round virtual assistant I design, optimise and maintain your website, webshop or online learning environment, social media and advertisements so that you can fully focus on your customers.

How do I work on your marketing?

Online marketing often starts with the design of a website.
I like to look further: do visitors also come to your website, does a visit convert into a sale or contact moment and how can we increase the conversion?

Website design

Design and build your website

Measuring is knowing

I add Google Analytics so that we can measure website visits. By registering the website, Google will search it for keywords and show it in search results.

Social Media

To build a network I set up social media profiles where you can post messages and interact with potential visitors to your website.


Are visitors coming to your website? Which pages are a success and where does it go wrong? You receive a clear analysis and advice with points for improvement.


Your customers are constantly on the move. Now that we know what works and what doesn't work to attract more customers and increase sales, we can optimise your online marketing based on this.

My Clients

Why work with me? My clients can best answer that question.

Questions about websites or online marketing?
Please do not hesitate to contact me.
I am happy to help you find the right answers.